ReachMD Wins MM+M Gold Award for Third Consecutive Year, Named ‘Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand’

ReachMD has won the industry’s top award from Medical Marketing and Media (MM+M), marking third consecutive year of recognition for its data-driven personalization platform, cross-channel engagement ecosystem, and award-winning learning solutions for healthcare professionals.

Fort Washington, PA | October 12, 2022

ReachMD announced today it has won the Gold Award for Best Healthcare Professional Media Brand by Medical Marketing and Media (MM+M), marking the third consecutive year as the first-place winner. This prestigious competition brings together the world’s leading media companies, agencies, and creative houses in recognition of excellence in healthcare marketing and media.

MM+M judges noted they were impressed by ReachMD’s increasing focus on audio channels, including podcasts and digital radio, and that ReachMD “continues to demonstrate exceptional understanding of who the audience is and what they need, constantly exploring the learning patterns of healthcare professionals.”

“Along with offering all the media formats that our users seek, we focus heavily on a personalized experience,” said Dik Barsamian, President of ReachMD. “Personalization ensures that each healthcare professional’s experience is highly valuable, and it leads to deeper and more meaningful engagement metrics for our clients.”

“Along with offering all the media formats that our users seek, we focus heavily on a personalized experience”
– Dik Barsamiam, President, ReachMD

Judges also called out ReachMD’s cross channel distribution platform, noting that “users read medical news over coffee, listen to specialty radio stations while commuting, load their favorite playlist on a break, stream expert interviews while exercising and watch live broadcasts at home.“


About ReachMD

ReachMD revolutionizes healthcare education for medical professionals by delivering a personalized experience for every user – on desktop, mobile, radio, and email. ReachMD distributes educational strategies through live broadcasts, on-demand programming, and multiple 24/7 radio streams. ReachMD programming is accessible through ReachMD, Amazon Alexa, Spotify, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and PlayerFM. ReachMD also offers a multi-channel advertising platform. With more than 10,000 medical podcasts at users’ fingertips, ReachMD leads the way in healthcare professional education.

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